Fluent Speech And How To Achieve It

This article is focused on how to achieve fluency and looks at the specific speech impediment known as stammering/stuttering. My name is Steve Hill, I had to deal with a stutter from the age of 4 and despite regular conventional conversation therapy, continued stuttering until the age of twenty-two.

I found living with a stutter extremely frustrating because at times I could speak very well. For example when I spoke to what is now our ex-girlfriend I very rarely a new problem, however when attempting to speak to her parents I struggled quite badly.

When I has been drunk my fluency level also would improve to a level exactly where I would be shocked if I stuttered at all.

I could not really understand why I could talk to one person but not to another and why I could speak when I was drunk but not once i was sober.

I read many books about conversation imediments, achieving fluency and stuttering and spoke to many speech therapists. From what I read and through what I was told, I was made to believe that I was unable to live the stuttering-free life as it suggested you happen to be unable to eradicate a stutter.

This is a very negative mindset, however I could not really believe the things i was hearing and reading as I knew I could talk very well at times.

I then was luckily enough to watch Bruce Willis being evaluated on the television. He stated that he had had a stutter which had started when he was a young boy, however he had managed to achieve fluency when he was a late teenager. This was a huge inspiration in my experience and I then decided that I would attempt to overcome my own speech impediment.

After nearly annually of working very hard by reading books about positive thinking and mind over matter and by basically studying people who I thought were excellent speakers, I also managed to beat the stutter. As a career I today help other people to achieve fluency.

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  • Hayden:

    I’m from the west coast, which state on the west coast would be better for a fairly progressive person

  • lets roll:

    There’s something I forgot to add in my previous post. My “sh, ch” and “g” sounds sound garbled and saliva-ish all the time. like the word “church” or anything with a lot of “sh” or “ch” prefixes. even words that begin with “j” or “g” sound funny. This is really embarressing as I’m 16 now and I’m going to college soon. I’m been soo embarressed to talk to people – ANY people a matter of fact. I’m even embarresed to meet new people. I would love to be polite and meet people but with my impediment all I think about is being alone. This has really affecfted my life negativelly. I know, I know, some people have it worse than I do but well I’m sick and tired of being an outsider. Please help me. I’m male btw.

  • Jon P:

    Support for Obama’s plan jumped 20 points, from 46 percent before the speech to 66 percent after. Importantly, Obama also achieved one of his principal goals of boosting the intensity of support. Prior to the speech, just 2 percent of these swing voters supported the plan strongly while 26 percent opposed it strongly; by the end of the evening those numbers were virtually reversed, with 28 percent supporting the plan strongly against just 8 percent strongly opposed.

    The president was also extremely successful in moving the needle on areas where progressives have struggled over the last few months, making great strides in reassuring voters on issues like the deficits and taxes, seniors and Medicare, choice and control, competition and costs, and government intervention.

  • Scott Bull:

    Isn’t it more likely that they are selectively tolerant and at times vindictively intolerant? Isn’t it more the case that they are selectively sanctimonious, taking offence on behalf of others where no offence was intended or taken, bleeding hearts for people whose lives they know nothing and care less about? Do they really care about human rights or is this once noble concept being used to pervert the law and turn common sense, fairness and natural justice upside down? Why are they intent on driving Christianity out of public life? Why are they undermining the family and polluting education with their toxic views. If they are so tolerant, why do they campaign so hard to limit freedom of speech (the highest human right) and threaten dissenting voices with isolation, ridicule and punishment? If they had their way certain opinions would be arrestable offences. Oh yes, I remember now. They want their precious pre-revolutionary breakdown of society so that they can turn us all into socialists where there will be equality of misery and the masses can be ruled by the unintelligent few, those who never achieved at anything. Are they not the biggest fascists around? The question is, are you fooled or are you willing to hold fast to traditional British Christian family values? The progressive socialist elite are happy to climb the ladder of privilege and then kick out the rungs so that no one else can follow. Can you see the left for the hypocrites and hysterical intolerants for what they are?

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