Whatever your worries about being pregnant, there is always lots of info available to help you overcome your worries. It may seem that you don’ t know where to begin looking, especially if you do not know everything about pregnancy. Here are several useful tips for you in the article below.

Start taking a prenatal vitamin while you are trying to conceive, or once you first find out about that surprise maternity. There are special nutrients that are required by your baby for proper development. The sooner you start taking prenatal vitamins, the better chance your baby has of getting the nutrients he or she needs.

If you are a smoker, now is the time to quit. Many programs are around to help you try this. Smoking can lead to having a premature baby. It can also cause your baby to be underweight. Babies need to start out with a solid start, in order to be prepared to handle this world.

It is important to love and appreicate your body when you are pregnant. By not really appreciating it, you could cause yourself unnecessary stress or even depression. Remember that once you have your baby, you can work on having your body to look the way it do before you were pregnant.

When you find out you are pregnant the first thing you want to do is go to see the doctor, especially if you feel you have found out late in the maternity. This will make sure the doctor has a great look at your health and the child’ h health and gets you on a program to fit the two of you best.

It is true that there is a lot to know about maternity and knowing where to begin is probably among the best ways to get started now. The simple and straightforward to use tips in the above post are the best beginning you can have to make sure you have the information you need.

6 Responses to “Ideas to Have A Wonderful Pregnancy Experience”

  • Flash Funk:

    whats your perfect girl?
    describe her looks, personality, is she the girl next door or the hottie down the street?
    would she wait to lose her virginity till marriage or be experienced?
    im curious to hear your answers :)

  • encyclopath:

    Last year, I remarried after going through a heartbreaking divorce four years prior. My husband is incredible and I would do anything for him. We both have children from our first marriages (I have two sons, he has a daughter). Our kids are very close in age–9, 10, and 11–which means they are halfway grown. He would really like to have another child. I’m lukewarm on the idea. On one hand, having a child IS a great joy and we are both (IMHO) excellent parents. It would be wonderful to have a child as the manifestation of our love. However, there are factors to consider. Right now, our exes have the kids on the same schedule so we get a “kid-free” weekend twice a month to do whatever we want (travel, relax, go out, etc.). The economy stinks right now and having another child would stretch our budget even more. And as I said before, our kids are halfway to adulthood–starting all over again would be a big decision. My biggest concern, though, is my age. I am 40. I know lots of people have babies later in life these days, but I also know that risks increase when you conceive at or after the big 4-0. Anybody out there gone through/going through a middle-age pregnancy? I would love some feedback about what your doctors have said, what you’ve experienced, etc. Thank you!

  • Milk84:

    Hi there, I had a misacrriage last year (it is almost a year to date) and i am still grieving. I am starting to put a box together for my little boy (a spiritualist told me he was a boy) I lost him around 10 weeks through a miscarriage at home. So far in my box I have a teddy for him, letters for him, and a soul certificate (which was lovely a lady made me on a website). So, because my little Jack was too young when I lost him I had no pictures, hospital band, footprints etc.. does anyone have any other ideas of what i could put in the memory/healing box?

    Thank you all

  • Daniel:

    I’m sick of hearing women complain about pregnancy. Getting mad at their husbands about not having to go through what they are going through, complaining about pain, morning sickness, swollen ankles, getting fat etc etc.
    Pregnancy is an experience to be cherrished. I loved every minute of pregnancy and enjoyed it immensely. Complaining to the man is rediculous…they should be so lucky to get to experience pregnancy, the one that gets me the most is women complaining about getting fat…that’s rediculous, they aren’t getting fat, their tummy is expanding with a baby, not fat. It’s like they just want to be the centre of attention and have everyone feel sorry for them, but they aren’t expereincing somehting that they should be felt sorry for. It just really bothers me because they are so lucky to experience something so wonderful and they don’t seem to appreciate it.
    Just so you all who don’t like my question know, this is a question, not a rant. I never said my pregnancy was pleasant, that I never had mornign sickness, pain, bed rest or any other pregnancy symptoms. I just said that it is nothing to complain about…it is a unique and wonderful experience to be cherrished. Many women would give their left leg to experience it who can not.

  • shahedC:

    I was wondering…I had a really wonderful 1st pregnancy… so wonderful I’d call it nearly perfect. I had no morning sickness with only minimal nausea in the first 3 months if I got too hungry..carrying crackers with me at all times fixed it, I gained weight nicely and not until about 21-23 weeks (only 25 lbs), I had a beautiful round belly that started showing around 14 weeks and I had very minimal concerns for Jacob.. only larger kidneys (normal with boys.)

    I even carried to 39 weeks 5 days and went into labor on my own….the labor itself was brutal, with 4 hours of pushing, but all in all it was a perfect experience…

    I am worried that I was totally disillusioned by this wonderful pregnancy and the next time around I’ll be disappointed and find myself in a totally opposite pregnancy.

    Thought? Ideas? Reassurance? Experience?
    oh and not to mention… we got pregnant on the first go round…we were surprised and thrilled and I KNOW that was a lucky deal.

  • maskills24:

    Im 25 weeks pregnant and since 5 weeks when I found out I was pregnant people have been butting in. I know people only want to help but im getting so much advice im overwhelmed. If I say that people get offended. If I listen but say, thats true however not how I was waning to do it etc, people get offended. I was called rude the other day. A member of my family said my child should sleep in my bedroom until 2 years old, as otherwise there was a high chance of crib death. I simply said that I had never been told that by anyone and I was sure that things like that I would be advised on later on by my health visitor. This is when I was told I was rude, and had no respect for other peoples opinion. One of my friends who dont smoke asked me how I felt on smoking around children and I said (as a non smoker myself) that I think its disgusting. I was then told that I was being incredibly insensitive to those who do smoke. I cant seem to get anything right and no matter what I do I end up as the rude person even tho I think all of the above were rude themselves. I have tried everything not to offend anyone however me just being pregnant seems to for some reason invite these discussions. Some of the subjects are so sensitive that I have said, I dont feel comfortable talking about this right now, could we talk about something else. And even then I was told, that thats not how the adult world works. (apparently I cannot choose what people are talking to me about, even when it was about me and how I wanted my birth). There are a couple of people who are being very sensitive about being told that I just dont want their opinion (always said in a nicer way then that). And these are people I cant cut out of my life either due to the close family relation. I dont know what to do, and its getting me down. I talk to my partner about it but there is really not much he can do or say to make it any better. Its getting me so down that I just dont want to leave my house in fear that no matter where I go or what I do someone is going to call me rude or get offended. The amount of times ive been told that im just being hormonal and thats why its bothering me so much is starting to get on my nerves. Im sure the hormones arent helping however feels just as horrible to me regardless. How did you guys cope? any of you been on the other end of this? am I truly being rude?

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