Did you catch your boyfriend two-timing you? Or did he simply start acting distant out of the blue? Or possibly you came home one day and he simply stood there and told you he was leaving and he wanted to split up? Whatever your situation, you feel like you simply can’ t move on. And you believe every day about what you could possibly do to create him love you again. You would like your ex boyfriend to want you back.

Does it seem like all you try just doesn’ t function? You try calling him, yet he doesn’ t return your own calls. Even if you tell him it’ s an emergency he just never gets around to calling you back. Or if you act nonchalant and like you just called to inquire him something, he still works like he doesn’ t treatment. Maybe you’ ve even tried texting him and he just ignores you or gives you one word answers. How can you get him to want you again if he won’ t even talk to you?

The thing that makes it even tougher is that once you break up with somebody, your friends and family are only going to listen to your own problems for so long. Then they want you to stop talking about getting your exboyfriend back and get over it. It can make you feel really hopeless and alone.

So what is step one when you can’ t ask for advice anymore but you really want to know how to get your ex interested in you again? If you really are texting him or calling him every single day, the first step is to stop doing that will. Take a break. Make a promise to yourself that you will not text your ex sweetheart or call him for a few times. Then, and it sounds cliche, but you need to preoccupy yourself with another thing.

This doesn’ big t mean that you are giving up. Instead, it means that you are refocusing your energy. Make a plan to go out with one of your friends every night for a week. Or find a yoga course you can take. Or find some great textbooks that you have wanted to read and just certainly not had time for. Choose something which will get your mind off of the situation for a couple days. What will this do? It can give your ex boyfriend time to skip you. He will start to wonder what happened to you.

See, they have been used to you always becoming there. You are a constant presence, although he broke up with you. If you stop calling and texting him is to do something else, he is going to start thinking about you. This is what you want. While you are nevertheless around, you are just giving him the opportunity to neglect you and take you for granted.

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  • brincks26:

    To make a long story short, my ex and I had been in a long term relationship for 4 years and recently with his work he became very busy and it put a lot of stress on our relationship so we decided to amicably split.

    Were still great friends and I still love him dearly as a friend but he is everywhere. I literally just woke up, turned on the news and there he was!! I go out and his billboard has been plastered on my road. I can’t even buy my food shopping without seeing him on magazines. It’s getting to the point where I want to be able to forget about him for a while.

    Don’t get me wrong I wish him every success and I’m still as proud of him now as I was when we were together, but it really hurts to see him constantly when I just need some time out.

    Any tips/advice that doesn’t involve joining the convent?

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